• SIOA Athletics

    St. Ignatius of Antioch sports programs are open to the boys and girls of our neighborhood.  Well-known as the IBA (Ignatius Basketball Association), the program this year consists of 28 elementary teams and three high school teams.  The are 270 participants from 40 different area schools.  We probably have the largest community program in the city of Cleveland.  Athletic Director Patrick McDaniel is an alumnus of our school and is assisted by 40 coaches and many volunteers.


    The programs are for the social, spiritual and athletic enrichment of youth.  Folks have a great time at the games.  Bleachers are typically packed  and the walls covered with homemade posters in support of the teams.

    Jesus said we should be salt and light to the world.  There's more than one way to do that  --  we think basketball can be one of the ways!  If you want to be involved in this ministry, please contact Athletic Director Patrick McDaniel.